+ What are lash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a weightless, semi-permanent enhancement. Each extension is shaped like a single eyelash. The extensions are available in a variety of widths, lengths, curls and colors.

There are two types of extensions: Classic and Volume. With Classic Lashes, each individual fiber is adhered to a single, natural lash using a hypoallergenic, medical-grade adhesive. With Volume Lashes, multiple lashes are adhered to a single lash and are ideal for those with sparse lashes. Thanks to the innovation of attaching extensions to a single lash, both Classic and Volume Lashes are so soft and natural you can comb through them. This technique also allows each natural lash to grow on its own cycle, without pain, pulling or pinching.

+ What is the procedure?

It is painless, gentle and relaxing. Many of our clients like to chat, some even take a “lash nap”. You will be comfortably reclined with your eyes closed while your technician applies the extensions using a medical grade adhesive.

+ How long do lash extensions last?

When properly applied, eyelash extensions will remain in place until the natural lash on which it rests falls out or the adhesive bond weakens. Natural lashes grow in and fall out in cycles (every 60 to 90 days). Yhis is a perfectly normal occurrence, with or without extensions. It is normal to see a natural lash with its root attached to a lash extension when sheds. This does not mean you are losing your lashes prematurely or that the extensions are causing damage. Lash fills are necessary every two to four weeks in order to maintain your beautiful look.

+ Will lash extensions damage my natural lashes?

No. In fact, lash extensions are easier on your natural lashes because you don’t need to curl them or apply mascara, which can dry out or even break your eyelashes. Lash extensions look and feel completely real.

+ How do I care for my lash extensions?

For the first three hours, avoid using water, creams, sunscreen and oils around the eye area, as well as avoid swimming, sauna or spa treatments. Never pull or rub your lashes. Use a non-oily, water-based eye makeup remover formulated for lash extensions. Do not use an eyelash curler on your extensions, this will damage the extensions. Most importantly, keep your lash extensions clean so that dead skin cells, dirt, makeup and oil do not build up on your lash line.

+ Can I wear mascara?

One of the main advantages of eyelash extensions is that you really don’t need to wear mascara. However, if you prefer, a water-based mascara that is formulated for synthetic lashes may be used. (The Beauty Of It carries products that are formulated for your extensions.) If you choose to wear mascara, only apply mascara to the tips of your lash extensions.

+ Do you fill other technician’s work?

Absolutely! But everyone’s style and technique is different. At The Beauty Of It, we have high expectations. We demonstrate an exceptional level of execution in our applications and use premium products to achieve beautiful results. We love doing your lashes as much as you love your lashes. We strive to give you the best results and if you have been the unfortunate recipient of an eyelash-extension disaster, we would love to help. Please see our service menu for lash maintenance prices if you are coming from another technician. All of our weekly fill pricing is based on average retention. If you expereince excessive fallout/lash shedding we will have to charge accordling, possibly up to a full set. Also, sometimes it is necessary to remove the current application, which would result in an additional removal fee. Please view our Menu page for all pricing.

Lash Extension Aftercare

Your new eyelash extensions are fairly maintenance-free. The general rule of lash extensions is: the cleaner you keep them, the longer they last. The biggest enemy of lash extensions is oil, which can come from our fingers or from the products we apply. Avoiding direct contact with oils will help the longevity of your lash extensions. A immediately after application, avoid getting your lashes wet for at least three hours to allow the lash adhesive to dry thoroughly.

Lash Extension Dont’s:
  • Pick or pull at your lashes
  • Excessively rub your eyes, as this will pull off the extensions prematurely
  • Use an eyelash curler, this will break the synthetic lashes
  • Apply the formulated mascara to the base of the lashes; only on the lash tips
  • Use oil-based products; doing so will dissolve the bond
  • Use cotton balls or swabs directly on the extensions, fibers can get caught in the bond
  • Overexpose lashes to steam rooms and/or tanning salons, this can weaken the bond
Lash Extension Do’s:
  • Brush your lashes daily (brush from the middle of the lash to the tip)
  • When lashes get wet, close your eyes and blot lashes; removing excess water without weakening the bond
  • When washing your face, wash around your eyes first; when removing eye makeup, use a lint-free Q-tip and our formulated eye makeup remover
  • Use products specially formulated for synthetic eyelash extensions