+ Can teeth whitening be done if I have crowns of fillings?

Yes! All Beautiful Bright Smile products are safe on restorations (composite or porcelain). The gel will lift any stain that has accumulated on these pieces and restore them to the color they where when placed.


+ Is it safe to whiten my teeth if I’m pregnant or nursing?

We do NOT recommend using products containing peroxide when pregnant or nursing. We do however offer peroxide free treatments for nursing mommas and if pregnant please consult your doctor first.


+ Will whitening cause sensitivity?

Our gels are very gentle on your teeth, that being said we cannot guarantee no sensitivity at all. For in studio treatments we have our after treatment remineralisation gel which soothes the dehydrated teeth, helping to eliminate any sensitivity. We also offer peroxide free solutions which do not contain acidic agents.


+Will I need more than one session?

In most cases we can acheive maximum results on just one 60-minute session. However, there are some instances where a touch up session will be needed.

Teeth Whitening Aftercare

  • Do not brush or floss for 12 hours post-treatment, warm rinses only
  • Avoid colorful foods and drinks for 12 hours
  • Avoid spicy/sour foods and drinks for 12 hours
  • All fluorosis or calcification spots will fade within 24 hours
*A post treatment vitamin serum will be applied to your teeth to avoid sensitivity and help prevent stains from entering the teeth.