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Shaving, tweezing, threading, and other hair removal methods can be a hassle. At The Beauty Of It, we’re here to help you achieve the soft skin you’re looking for. We are a beauty and waxing studio and offer a variety of waxing services, including eyebrows, chin, lip, full-face, and underarms. We strive to provide every one of our clients with a wonderful waxing experience.

At The Beauty of It, we understand that every client is unique and deserves individualized attention. We take the time to get to know each of our clients and their desired look in order to provide them with the best possible service. We are experts in waxing and are skilled in a variety of effective waxing techniques. In addition to waxing, we also offer brow lamination, teeth whitening, microchanneling, and a variety of lash services. Whatever your needs, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality guest experience and helping you to achieve your desired look. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

Facial Waxing

Whether it’s a little peach fuzz on your upper lip or a few prominent hairs around your chin, facial hair can be a real headache. There are several solutions to this problem, but a professional facial wax is definitely at the top of the list. Unlike other methods of hair removal like threading or tweezing, waxing removes all the hair at once. The results of waxing usually last between two to six weeks, but this can differ from person to person depending on how fast their hair grows back. However, regular waxing can actually help to slow down hair growth in the long term. If you’re new to waxing, it’s always best to consult with a professional about your needs, goals, and any sensitivities you might have. At The Beauty Of It, we are happy to help with all your waxing services. 

Underarm Waxing


Waxing is a popular hair removal technique that offers many benefits, particularly for those who want to remove hair from delicate areas like the underarms. When done properly, waxing can leave your skin smooth and hair-free for weeks at a time. There are many benefits to waxing from an experienced professional. First, underarm waxing last much longer than other hair removal methods like shaving or plucking, and it significantly slows down hair growth. This means you won’t have to shave or pluck as often, and you’ll enjoy smoother underarms for a longer period of time. Additionally, waxing is more hygienic compared to razors and tweezers, as it eliminates the risk of ingrown hairs and bacteria buildup. Many people find that arm waxing services give them a boost of confidence, especially in the summer during swimsuit and sundress season! Don’t hesitate to call The Beauty Of It if you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment!

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At The Beauty Of It, we strive to be a premier beauty studio. Our talented artists specialize in a wide range of services, including eyebrow waxing, dermaplaning, brow lamination, and more. We are passionate about helping our clients look and feel their best, and we take pride in providing a high level of customer service. Whether you’re looking for a simple brow waxing or a dramatic lash lift, we are confident that we can exceed your expectations. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and get one step closer to achieving your beauty goals!